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Facilities & Resources

Facilities & Resources at TUIS.

The school teaches to British and international standards but also, importantly, fully complies with the local standards set by SanPiN as approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

All school activities are thought through and thoroughly planned. As well as a planned schedule of lessons, the children have regular rest periods and facilities for play and a canteen that provides hot food at a reasonable price. Rest periods are organised on a class and school basis. 


The school uses modern technology and IT in lessons. Activities and classroom experimentation is encouraged. Problem solving, modelling, illustration and critical thinking feature in lessons at TUIS and teaching is regularly observed and constatntly under development. The aim is to produce children that are competent and socially well-adapted.


       The school is equipped with modern study rooms, overhead projectors are in many of the rooms. The IT facilities were recently updated (2017). The school has a full staff of caretakers and is warm and secure. There is full-time attendance by a healtcare specialist nurse. All furniture is matched according to the age of the children.


      Staff monitor the sanitary condition of school rooms during the day. Additional consideration is given to anti-epidemic measures where students are encouraged to learn basic rules of hygiene, control of what and how much they eat.

The school administration is trying to create a favorable atmosphere in the school not only for students, but also for teachers. The school has a full time psychologist and a staff-room where teachers can work