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School Newsletter. Issue 1: Dateline: Monday, October 16, 17

Newsletter: No1 of 2017

From the Headteacher and Director,


Dear Parents and Guardians,

This is the first newsletter of TUIS for some considerable time. The Headteacher intends, where humanly possible, that it will be issued every two weeks, but owing to the vagaries and urgency of day-to-day education at TUIS, that might equate to once per month. The newsletter will be uploaded to our website with the help of our IT department and hard-copies available in a small number in school. At some point, it would be desirable to send to all parents via email. That is perhaps something that we can develop with the support of parents. This is first and foremost a means of communicating directly with parents and so not a platform for student work, but occasionally there may be examples uploaded.

Teachers will be using this organ to let you, the parents and pupils, know of important dates and information. In that regard it is an indication to you that the school is focusing on your childrens’ education and working as a strong team.

Inevitably, it cannot all be good news and so, on occasion there might be requests from the school to the parents concerning general issues where parents can bring their good influence to bear on school behaviour (see my later comments concerning school lunchtimes and food being brought in from outside, for instance). So, I would ask that parents keep an eye on the newsletter as it shows how we are doing and that is obviously important for you as parents.

We are embarking on the seventh week of term and have already made steady progress in developing the school. There have been special events, such as Teachers’ Day and presentations by pupils during English Month. The football team has been active and as recently as 25th September played TIS and were victorious in the secondary game, but proudly vanquished in the Junior Division game. Well done both teams. Mr AliJohn took a remarkable number of photographs two of which are addended on page two of this Newsletter along with news of the man of the match.

There are new teachers from around the world (mexico, The UK, Italy, South Afgrica, China) as well as the return of much-loved teachers, again from around the world (India and Zimbabwe for instance). All us teachers pledge to work as hard as we can during this term and the academic year to constantly improve standards and to create a safe and inspiring environment for the pupils.

Some positive changes have already been made. There is now a comprehensive and thought through behaviour policy in the school. Behaviour can be an issue in all schools. Around the world low-level disruption to lessons has a profound effect on the education of children. Professional institutions have proportionate and sensible regimes for dealing with this. Although there was input from  a number of teachers, we were very fortunate this year to welcome Teacher Sarah who largely shaped the policy and is shepherding it through the school. We are so happy that it is having such a major effect on the culture and learning at the school.

The school day ends at 3PM. There are homework clubs for a number of subjects ….

Teacher Robert has been piloting a schedule of Extra Curricular Activities. There is already some extra-curricular activity as Teacher Paul, your correspondent, teaches guitar Fridays at 3PM in the physics lab. This is free tuition obviously. Further, The Director has arranged for The Chess Federation and Maths Olympiad to be a feature of ECA here. However, Teacher Robert wants the input of pupils. We ask that you look on this as a genuine opportunity for your child to be helped to enjoy whatever he or she would like to do between 3 and 4PM in the school. Please discuss this with your child and feed back to us. We are setting a schedule and need to know what the pupils want. Teacher Robert’s email address is linked to his photograph on the school website.

I have created a Rewards Policy and it will be introduced, I hope before the next newsletter. It will be inspiring and I believe will further enhance the schooldays for the pupils. It involves rubber-stamps (which all children apparently obsess over), prefect-badges - which will bring benefits and weekly responsibility to the prefect. It will be fun, but will also bring some respect and kudos for the wearer.

I have, in the last few days, formed tentative links with a large, successful, school in the UK. For the school and pupils to have a cultural link with a forward thinking prospering school in the UK would add immense value to the education at TUIS. Although it will be small steps initially, the logical outcome would be for exchange visits and that is something that I as Headteacher am eager to promote. Exchange visits are of ineffable value and often mark the most memorable time of a pupils life. I have discussed with a number of teachers how to proceed and we will work as a teachers’ body on that actively over the next few days and weeks and do our best to bring these preliminary discussions to fruition.

Lunchtime Issues

The pupils are in our care during the time they are at school. You are aware that we have medical staff at school at all times. The medical staff are concerned, as am I, that food is being smuggled in (I apologise for using that word, but it seems the most appropriate) between the railings by gofers at break-times. This is not acceptable. The medical staff are clearly concerned for the welfare of the children and eating street-sourced food can mean upset stomachs or worse. Please have a word with your child and explain our situation and ask them to resist the temptation of break-time take-aways!

Important Dates

Each year is in the process of testing and assessing their pupils. Additionally, teachers are arranging times to speak with parents.

There is a a Year 6 trip to the Science Museum and possibly a local hydro-electric Plant on Friday. The detail of the trip and itinerary will be provided to Year 6 students during the week.

This term ends on 27th December.


Quality Education for Future Generations


We prepare our students for today’s real world by striving to provide the best education possible, and engendering self- belief in our students.


Football at TIS 25.9.17

Man of the Match (for TUIS) Mohammed Aziz (wearing no5) who was a goal-machine knocking in two goals to make it 2:1 to TUIS, well done Mohammed. But also, well done to the rest of the team. The photos show Isfan Dyor engaging in some heavy tackling, well done Isfan.