Our curriculum

The curriculum forms the basis for our learning and the experiences our children enjoy during their time at TUIS.

We are proud at TUIS that our curriculum encompasses creative, cultural and sporting opportunities. The curriculum we offer at TUIS enables us to ensure that every child develops the key learning steps and receive experiences and opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills in different ways. We ensure that learning at TUIS broadens the values and opportunities for every child as they grow and develop.

Tuis Cariculum

The main goal of TUIS is to supply the highest standards of international education the children of accredited diplomats, foreign businessmen and children of citizens of Uzbekistan and to create an international academic programme. In accordance to this we allow the children of diplomats, who often move from one country to another, easier access to the educational processes beyond Uzbekistan.

Tashkent Ulugbek International School Administrtion