Tashkent Ulugbek International School

About Us

Our Guiding Statements:

Our vision

TUIS provides an inspirational education where each student strives to achieve his personal best and is willing to serve his community as an informed and active citizen; locally, nationally and globally.

Our Mission

TUIS is a school whose supportive learning community works together to build character of students

Our Goal

TUIS aims to build good people who act with kindness, integrity, compassion, humility and courage.

Our Moral Values

A moral life is commended and encouraged at TUIS.  We express our moral values in welcoming and respecting members of all faith

Our Global Intent

The TUIS community is committed to being internationally-minded by understanding and embracing diversity in all its forms, and by respecting and celebrating this diversity in order to foster a peaceful, just and sustainable world.

Our Commitment

TUIS is committed to providing an age and stage holistic education with a focus on the well-being of students.  We aim to inspire students to be creative and adaptable by providing them with the skills to lead and succeed in their global future.

We are a well established International School in Tashkent, offering students from as young as 6 years right up to 17/18 years innovative, world-class education on our campus in Yakkasaray District.

TUIS comes under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with its dedicated staff members and committed parents, who together carefully nurture this high-achieving multicultural learning community.

Inventive programmes and teaching methodologies are designed to equip students with academic achievements and mindsets, enabling them to excel in life as well-rounded global citizens.

Education from Primary through to Secondary School broadly follows the National Curriculum of England and Wales with adaptations for Uzbek government requirements with experienced and caring teaching staff to ensure students are happy and motivated to learn.

The latest development of our campus ensures that TUIS is equipped with new comprehensive sports facilities and science laboratories.