Welcome from the Director

Over many decades TUIS has provided a safe yet challenging environment for students to learn new skills and build character.  The emphasis is on small classes and individual attention with an attempt to create a wholesome atmosphere for growing up.  Our programme is not suitable for those with discipline problems or an uncooperative attitude toward school.  The student must want to be here and accept academic challenge as a prerequisite for a successful experience.  The main focus of the school is teaching and learning.  For this reason, much care and attention is given to recruiting qualified and experienced international as well as local teachers.  We believe that the best resource the school has is its teachers.  While we don’t have the most luxurious or extravagant campus, we have caring and trusted teachers who put the needs of the students first.  We are in partnership with the Educational Collaborative of International Schools (ECIS) which is working with us to ensure that all teachers have ongoing professional development training.  At our school we encourage you to look beyond the eye-catching gimmicks and novelties offered elsewhere and find the real strength of TUIS which is its teachers.  Value for money, no one can beat us.


Hurshid Hoshimov