Welcome to TUIS!
Our school offers a high-quality education, with dedicated, expert teachers who are attentive to the needs of each child.

Our main priorities in the learning process are:
▫️ Highly qualified, dedicated teachers with international experience (the UK, the USA, Canada.) ▫️British curriculum.
▫️A technically well-equipped and organized campus, with all the necessary classrooms and auditoriums.
▫️Comprehensive development of our students. Various extra-curricular clubs and activities are actively practised at TUIS: creative, sports, music and humanitarian.
Our Vision
TUIS provides an inspiring education where every student strives to achieve their personal best and is ready to serve their community as an informed and active citizen; local, national and global
Our Moral Values
The moral life is welcomed and encouraged at TUIS. We express our moral values in welcoming and respecting members of all faiths
Our global intention
The TUIS community is committed to international thinking, understanding and embracing diversity in all its forms, respecting and celebrating this diversity in order to promote a peaceful, just and sustainable world.
Our Commitment
TUIS is committed to providing age-appropriate and staged education with a focus on student well-being. We aim to inspire students to be creative and adaptable by equipping them with the skills they need to lead and succeed in their global future.
About TUIS

Inventive curricula and teaching methods are designed to provide students with the academic achievement and mentality to succeed in life as well-rounded citizens of the world.

Primary to secondary education generally follows the National Curricula of England and Wales with adaptations to the requirements of the Uzbek government with an experienced and caring teaching staff to ensure that students are happy and motivated to learn.

The latest development of our campus ensures that TUIS is equipped with new comprehensive sports facilities and science labs.

Contact us
Detailed information can be obtained by phone: